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Restaurant App Features

Availability Status

The restaurant can change the availability status anytime in a single tap. They can go Online/Offline instantly by just changing the state in the restaurant app.

Add Categories/Varieties

The restaurant can add an unlimited variety of food varieties to the menu using its app. They can add categories and categorize them in batches for future reference.

Booking Status

The Restaurant owner will always get notified of the real-time updates throughout the booking process. They can also edit the status and update it using their app.

Manage Orders

Restaurant owners can manage and customize the orders easily from their restaurant panel dashboard. They can change the status of the ongoing orders, canceled orders, and completed orders.

Real-time Tracking

Using the Restaurant app, restaurant owners can track the delivery partner’s real-time location within the app. It helps them to calculate the estimated time easily.

Notification Alerts

Automatic notifications get dispatched to both customers and delivery partners instantly for every update. Also, an automated SMS gets delivered to the customer directly.

Update Business Info

The restaurant owner can always add/edit the information in the business information section with their opening and closing hours, holidays, delivery distance, etc..

Separate Dashboard

Our Restaurant app comes with a Separate backend panel dashboard that contains all the history information of all the orders placed, canceled orders, commission, etc..

Jms Eats Advanced Features

Stripe Module

Jms Eats is integrated with the Stripe payment processing platform to accept credit cards, manage subscriptions, and send money.

Native Mobile Apps

Jms Eats app comes as Native apps on both Android and iOS platforms. The speed and performance of mobile apps will be incredibly fast and highly efficient.

Multi-Language Settings

Using language settings, users can change the whole app/website into their local language in just a single click. We have integrated hundreds of languages into the app.

Instantaneous Search

With this search feature, the user will be able to use multiple filters to get their favorite restaurants instantly. They can filter by cuisine, filter by ratings, filter by delivery time, etc..

In-build Chat Option

We have integrated a simple app-based chat module into the Dinedoo app, which will help the customers and delivery partners discuss.

Login and registration

Login using your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

How does Jms Eats Customer App work?

  1. Customers Download The App And Register For A New Account.
  2. They Can Signup Using An Email Id Or Using Social Media Accounts.
  3. Customers Can Search For Their Favorite Restaurants Using Multiple Filters.
  4. After Selecting The Restaurant, Customers Need To Add Their Favorite Food To The Cart To Proceed To Checkout.
  5. They Can Then Pay Using Any Of Their Convenient Payment Gateways From The App
  6. After Completing The Payment, Their Order Will Get Dispatched To A Driver-Partner Instantly.
  7. Customers Can Track The Order In Real-Time From The App.
  8. After Receiving The App, They Can Rate The Delivery Partner And Restaurant Instantaneously.

How does Restaurant App work?

  1. First Restaurant Owners Need To Register With Admin To Get The Login Details.
  2. They Can Log In To The Account Using The Username And Password
  3. After Logging In, They Need To Change The Status To Online To Start Receiving Orders.
  4. They Can Also Set A Standard Opening And Closing Hours In The App.
  5. Once They Receive The Order, They Need To Check And Confirm The Order Manually.
  6. They Will Also Get The Complete Details Of The Assigned Delivery Partner
  7. They Can Hand Over The Food To The Assigned Delivery Partner And Monitor The Driver In Real-Time From The App.
  8. The Restaurant Owner Can Give Ratings And Feedback About The Delivery Partner From The App.

How does Driver Partner App work?

  1. The Driver-Partner Can Register For Part-Time Or Full-Time Work Using The App.
  2. They Need To Upload All The Documents, Including ID Proof And Address Proof.
  3. They Can Upload Multiple Files Instantly.
  4. After Approval, They Need To Login To The App And Change Status To Online To Receive Orders.
  5. Once They Receive The Order, They Can Proceed To The Restaurant To Pick The Order.
  6. Using The Built-In GPS, They Can Navigate To The Customer Location Easily.
  7. After Delivering The Food, They Can Rate The Customer As Well As The Restaurant From The App.
  8. They Can Check The Commission Earned In The Earnings Tab, And Also They Can See The Tips Received From The App.
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