centovacast Setup Guide

First You Need To Signup A Service With Us, It Can Be A Paid Or Test Server

01 Login to centova cast

Go to Your Billing Area http://streaming.jmsstudiosinc.com


Select your available server

Now click on log in to centova cast.

This will automatically redirect to your centova panel

02 Get Ready

To Start A online Radio You need Good Quality Mp3s. .

Please maintain a same volume level with all your mp3s .you can use Mp3Gain tool to do that

There Are 3 Types Of Streaming Service Methods You Can Get From Our Servers.


A . Autodj Stand Alone

upload all your mp3 s to our server and run 24*365 , you don’t need to run a PC all the time.

B. Live Streaming + Audio dj

Run your live shows on selected hours only, you need a pc for the live broadcast time only

C. Live Streaming Only

Live from a studio, you need to run a pc or hardware encoder 24×365 days

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