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centovacast Setup Guide

First You Need To Signup A Service With Us, It Can Be A Paid Or Test Server

01 Login to centova cast

Go to Your Billing Area


Select your available server

Now click on log in to centova cast.

This will automatically redirect to your centova panel

02 Get Ready

To Start A online Radio You need Good Quality Mp3s. .

Please maintain a same volume level with all your mp3s .you can use Mp3Gain tool to do that

There Are 3 Types Of Streaming Service Methods You Can Get From Our Servers.


A . Autodj Stand Alone

upload all your mp3 s to our server and run 24*365 , you don’t need to run a PC all the time.

B. Live Streaming + Audio dj

Run your live shows on selected hours only, you need a pc for the live broadcast time only

C. Live Streaming Only

Live from a studio, you need to run a pc or hardware encoder 24×365 days

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